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Industry and internal experts share their knowledge regarding Information Technology Services.

What is an IT Roadmap? (by Teresa Brent)
Discover how an IT roadmap will support the business strategy and help drive priorities over the next three to five years.

Mapping A Successful Future: Fitting IT into the Strategic Plan (by Teresa Brent)
Discover how a three step process of mapping, evaluation and timing contribute to incorporating information technology into your strategic planning.

10 Ideas to Integrate Protective Measures (By Teresa Brent)
Concepts to consider integrating into a cohesive strategic security plan and corresponding security framework.

Managed Hosting Services: 3 Reasons This Solution is Right for You (By Teresa Brent)
Discover how this solution can help your credit union acquire the redundant servers, storage, network, security and other associated hardware without the cost of doing it all on your own - while still maintaining control.

3 Reasons Why Burstable DR is Right For You (By Teresa Brent)
Introducing Burstable Disaster Recovery… just what you need, and only when you need it.

Email Service Pros & Cons (By Teresa Brent)
Discover the option that can save you money… and more

IT Strategic Planning: A Better Way to Serve Members (by Teresa Brent)
Having an IT strategy can go a long way in increasing your member satisfaction and decreasing your credit union’s expenses.

Having Data Backups Isn’t Enough: Keys to Successful Disaster Recovery (by Teresa Brent)
This article discusses how to avoid the loss of data (during and after a disaster) that has been entered and processed since the last daily backup was completed.

3 Ways Cloud/Hosting Services Fit into the Strategic Planning Process (by Teresa Brent)
Cloud/hosting services offer attractive strategic solutions that can help you continue to improve upon the services you offer members, keep expenses low and meet the ever changing regulatory landscape.

Explore the benefits of a hosted email system (by Teresa Brent)
In this article, we look at the advantages of hosted email, while comparing email alternatives in use by credit unions – including free, unmanaged, web-based email and in-house server-based email.

ITServices Provides Processing for Credit Unions (published by IT Jungle)

Keys to IT Security (by Teresa Brent)
What keeps you up at night? What causes you to feel insecure when you think about your credit union’s
information technology (IT)? This article discusses some of the keys to achieving IT peace of mind.

Top 10 Measures Ensuring Successful IT Recovery (by Teresa Brent)
Review 10 measures to take when analyzing your IT disaster recovery plan.

What Cloud Data Backup is Not (by Biff Myre)
Gain a better understanding of what cloud data backup is, and determine if it can work as part of your disaster recovery strategy.

Are Cloud DR Services Viable (by Biff Myre)
The rise of cloud disaster recovery has provided another disaster recovery planning option. Here's how one organization turned
to a private cloud provisioned for disaster recovery services to meet their recovery needs.