Logo and Instructions for Use

At the center of the corporate's visual identity is the Alloya logo. A set of guidelines has been developed so the corporate is presented in a consistent manner. Please apply these guidelines every time the logo appears.

Print Version: Alloya Logo - High Resolution (WinZip file contains JPG and EPS)

Web Version: Alloya Logo - Low Resolution (WinZip file contains JPG and GIF)

Minimum Cap Height and Preferred Size

As there are no uppercase letters in main body of the logo, minimum cap height will be based on the lowercase letter “l”. This letter should never be reduced smaller than .167”. Reducing the logo below this size will cause the detail within the logo to be compromised. If the logo must be resized, the logo must be scaled in direct proportion to the original. The preferred size for the logo in print media is 1.85" in width (150 px in width for web use).


Clear Zone

To optimize logo recognition, a minimum clear zone from type and other graphic elements should be maintained.

The clear zone around the full logo must be at least the height of the lowercase letter “a” in alloya (see below) in any used size of the logo.

When the full logo is reproduced in large formats for signs and exhibits, the clear zone may be reduced to a minimum of ½ the height of the lower case letter “a”.

logo clear zone