Corporate Certificates

Alloya’s certificate products provide you with term investment options that are safe, liquid and deliver competitive rates of return. We offer fixed rate, special and amortizing certificates.

Certificate Types

Fixed Rate Certificates
Fixed rate certificates are investments that are offered at a set rate and term for any maturity ranging from one to sixty months.

Special Certificates
Special certificates, when available, offer fixed or floating rates with a typical maturity of three months to three years. Rates on special certificates typically exceed the rates available on similar term fixed rate certificates.

Amortizing Certificates
Amortizing certificates offer a fixed rate with a pre-determined pay down schedule. The pay down schedule can be modified to specifically meet your needs.

Dividend Payments

Interest payments can be made to pay monthly, semiannually or at maturity. Interest is calculated on an actual/365 day basis and accrues daily.


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