Issue Federally Insured CDs

Do you have liquidity needs? Should you be planning for future needs? When you need liquidity, it's simple. Your institution can issue federally insured CDs through SimpliCD, making your deposit offerings available to a nationwide market of potential investors. You're able to raise substantial funds quickly, all in one simple step.

Issuing CDs to credit unions quickly and easily with SimpliCD through Alloya Corporate and Balance Sheet Solutions*.


Why wait? Alloya will help get you started by setting you up for issuance now. When you are ready, Balance Sheet Solutions will help you structure and market your offer. There is nothing to lose -- contact your Senior Business Consultant at Alloya, or Account Executive at Balance Sheet Solutions -- or email today.

About SimpliCD

SimpliCD is the program owned jointly by Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union and other corporates to serve credit unions interested in national Certificates of Deposit. There are many benefits to working with us, rather than an unknown CD brokerage service that does not need to be licensed or examined.

*Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC, provides a wide range of services to credit unions nationwide. Broker/dealer services include marketable securities through ISI, member FINRA/SIPC, and brokered CDs. Full investment advisory services are offered (SEC registered investment advisor). Other services include IRR Modeling & Consulting, ALM, Benchmarking, and Portfolio Analytics. Learn more at