Strategic Purchasing

Each day at your credit union is meaningful: you serve your members with products that enhance their lives and your corporate is here to help make that happen. Because of the comfortable routine, it’s easy to take Alloya’s services for granted. Instead, consider the influence you can have on the future of your credit union, your members and your Corporate. Now is the time for action.

Let’s talk about strategic purchasing.
As an owner of the Corporate, you face a choice. Will your credit union build a vibrant Alloya with each strategic purchase it makes, or will your credit union diminish the corporate by buying elsewhere? How effectively the Corporate delivers for your credit union and other members depends on each credit union’s level of participation. The more strategic purchases of products and services your credit union makes from Alloya, the more benefits you and the entire membership receive.

Interested in new products?
Your credit union and other Alloya owners determine the success of new products by making the choice to use them. The release of future products also depend on your involvement.

Want to influence pricing?
Every financial executive understands that the power of aggregation relies on buyers to participate. Purchasing the products of a cooperative is the best way to enhance affordability.

How your credit union can take ownership…
To leverage your membership to its fullest potential, consider “strategically purchasing” products from Alloya Corporate instead of elsewhere. You may be pleased to see how competitive Alloya’s services are when compared to vendors, even on products you already use. We invite you to ask your Senior Business Consultant to perform a product comparison to evaluate the benefits.