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2017 Daily Wrap-Up

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Day one of the 2017 symposium kicked off with four pre-conference sessions centered on project management, business services, deposit base maintenance and “extraordinary productivity.” The day concluded with Alloya’s Annual Meeting.

Commitment & Collaboration: Creating a Nationwide Check Service Solution
Margie Giles, Alloya Corporate FCU

Takeaway Value: How the corporate committed to remain relevant in the check processing world for the long-run.

Despite declining check numbers across the country, there are still 18.3 billion checks written each year in the U.S. To ensure credit unions have a reliable method to sustain their check services, Alloya partnered with Catalyst Corporate, forming TranzCapture – a new check processing solution.

To support this partnership, Alloya launched a major initiative to migrate deposit returns (840 routing numbers), deposits (1,720 licenses), member image access (600+ access points) and share drafts (1,300 routing numbers).

Keeping it all straight has been only half of what it takes when undertaking a project of this size and significance. The timely creation of a consolidated archive and software, careful management of multiple, concurrent conversions, and effective communication (internal/external) have been integral to ensuring a successful outcome.

The Top 10 Steps to Success in Business Services
Larry Middleman, CU Business Group

Takeaway Value: Top tips and insights for success in business services. Larry’s tips included:

  • Having a “niche,” or specialty in your marketplace
  • Setting up an efficient process for small loans
  • Preparing for loan participations before needing to participate in a loan
  • Having an “elevator speech” to concisely articulate what services your business provides
  • Contracting for independent reviews or audits of your loan portfolio and MBL program


Can You Maintain a Steady Deposit Base Amid Today’s New Influences?
Kristina Muller, Balance Sheet Solutions

Takeaway Value: “Credit unions have a huge advantage here: helping members directly [unlike] huge banks located somewhere across the country.” - Kris Muller

Post-financial crisis, can you count on a steady inflow of deposits? Multiple factors are going to influence your future deposit base; how are you prepared to deal with them? And are you prepared to conduct sound liquidity planning?

Ideas to boost your balance sheet:

  • Build loyalty
    • Attract younger members and establish trusting relationships with them now, then reap the rewards down the road
    • Help members understand financial issues
  • Offer service/rewards programs
    • Convenience and education
  • Embrace technology
    • The benefits outweigh the threats

Stop the Chaos
Diane Overgard, 45 Degrees Coaching, Inc.

Takeaway Value: “Life is choices. Choose to do what matters. Own your day. Renew regularly. Don’t choose chaos.” - Diane Overgard

The symposium offers a great condensed agenda,” said Kim Withers, CEO of Meridian Trust FCU. “I’m excited for the next two days of the symposium (especially the economics sessions) – and we are already off to strong start.

Stop the chaos in your professional life by:

  • Choosing “extraordinary productivity”
    • Schedule time for your very important, non-urgent goals
  • Starting before you start
    • Take time to reflect as you begin each day and create a realistic plan
  • Take renewal seriously
    • Replenish your energy by scheduling time to do something you love

Annual Meeting



Thursday, September 7, 2017

Symposium: A social gathering at which there is free interchange of ideas.

Day two of the symposium kicked off with a Corporate Update from Todd Adams, CEO of Alloya Corporate. He informed attendees that merger integrations are complete, shared capabilities have been achieved, common contracts and cooperative pricing value statements have been created for every member, financial performance is on target, and lastly, that Alloya is compliant with laws, rules and regulations. Alloya is fully formed.

To conclude the Corporate Update, Todd reminded the audience that as the largest corporate in terms of membership (1,550 members), Alloya is focused on answering one question: “What is in the best interest of the credit union members we serve and can we simplify their operation lives?”

Keynote: How to Manage and Lead Your Team in Times of Uncertainty
Bill Rancic

Bill became renowned within the industry after beating out the competition and becoming the first-ever winner of The Apprentice – a hit reality TV contest. However, Bill was a dedicated entrepreneur and real-estate developer long before his big break on Donald Trump’s show in 2004. Bill was one of 215,000 potential candidates looking for an opportunity to compete on The Apprentice. When discussing what he learned from the various challenges presented by the show, Bill said, “Adjust, be agile, or become extinct.”

Bill on Leadership

Strong Leaders

  1. Good decision makers
  2. Creative
  3. Never quit

Weak Leaders

  1. Reactive rather than proactive
  2. Surrounded by negative people
  3. Don’t recognize the power of potential

Bill realized the importance of adaptation and seizing opportunities at an early age. He recounted a story from his childhood in which he mastered the art of making a pancake while making breakfast for his grandmother and her friends. They each would leave a $5 bill under their plates, which led to Bill’s discovery of what would become his business philosophy: “To be successful, you need to recognize an opportunity – and then seize that opportunity.” Later, he moved on to waxing boats – and when he was old enough to drive, he received his first loan ($4,000) from a credit union to buy a Jeep. He is still a credit union member.

In his early twenties, Bill quit his 9 to 5 job to start a cigar business. “I think I’m going to be a millionaire one day,” Bill proclaimed as he began this venture. But when his employer heard his reason for leaving, it was met with laughter. “Cigar of the month club! That will never work.”

Discouraged by the lack of response along with the lack of funds for any marketing, Bill shared that he quickly realized the need to get creative and be his own advocate. He launched a mail campaign targeted to radio stations, which led to a break on a popular morning show. This break lead to major success for his fledgling cigar business. But as the times changed, technology advanced – and Bill adapted.

“Good leaders challenge the status quo, even when the status quo is working.” Seeing how technology was evolving, Bill took his business to new heights, while many of his competitors went out of business. Without this spirit, Bill would not have had the opportunity to eventually sell his business, become a successful real-estate developer, compete on The Apprentice (let alone win the show!), and then go on to become a restaurateur, TV personality and author.

“Why are some people successful, while others are not? Fear! Do what you are afraid to do… and success will find you.”

Be Your Own Superhero
Sam Glenn

“My daughter was in my office and saw a batman mask. She asked that I put it on, and I did. She asked me if I was the real batman… I realized that’s what I want to be. I want to be a superhero. Superheroes greatest strength is attitude. Attitude affects everything.”

An author and award winning motivational speaker, Sam is known as “The Attitude Guy” and, after this symposium, a credit union fan favorite.

With humor, humility and art, Sam’s presentation filled the Grand Ballroom with laughter and inspiration. He shared stories of his personal life, his mentors and how attitude impacts all that we do, while painting a superhero live on stage.

How to encourage positive attitudes:

  • Learn to laugh and lighten up. The best way to build relationships is through laughter.
  • Be personable.
  • Lose the ego – it can prevent progress.
  • Never underestimate the power of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Don’t motivate with fear.

Key Planning Items for 2018 – An Optimist’s Risk-Based Perspective
Jeff Paille, The Bonadio Group

Takeaway Value: “Better preparation will mean more flexibility.”

Top three risks to plan for optimistically:

  1. Current Expected Credit Losses Standard (CECL)
    a. CECL fundamentally changes how the allowance for loan loss must be considered.
  2. Leadership Succession
    a. Lack of planning can increase the stress on an organization related to the transition.
  3. Audit Services
    a. The key to a meaningful audit is risk assessment.

Hello Opportunity! Attracting and Sustaining Millennial Members
Todd Romer, Young Money Media

Takeaway Value: How do credit unions gain trust and provide real value to millennials?

Opportunity for millennial membership at credit unions is huge, with 49% indicating that they are open to switching banks and 68% report they do not feel understood by their bank.

Young Money University’s five step money plan to financial success resonates with many millennials:

  1. Make a decision to dream.
  2. Save money automatically with multiple named saving accounts (e.g. car fund, travel fund, emergency fund, etc.).
  3. Just say no sometimes.
  4. Get into the game of investing.
  5. Pay yourself second.

Welcome to the Gig Economy: What It Means for Credit Unions
Alix Patterson, Callahan & Associates

Takeaway Value: What are the opportunities in a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work (aka “gig” workers) as opposed to permanent jobs?

“There isn’t anything at the symposium that doesn’t add value to me as a leader and for my credit union. This is the best credit union event.”

– Diane Abbonizio, EVP/CFO 
United Bay Community Credit Union

With a growing population of “gig” workers (mostly millennial), we are seeing a break from the traditional with many looking to spend money on experiences rather than things.

Get to know your gig workers and what makes them tick.

Pros for Gig Workers

  • Flexibility and Control
  • Mobility and Productivity
  • Additional Income
  • Variety

Member Networking Dinner at the Art Institute

Friday, September 8, 2017

Economic Shift: Impacts of Rising Above the Natural Rate of Output
Steven Rick, CUNA Mutual Group

Takeaway Value: “Economics is the study of the confusion between stocks and flows.”

Question: “If the economy is close to full employment, why is inflation still below the Federal Reserve 2% target?”

Answer: Global excess production capacity.

A few other points from Rick:

  • Unemployment rate hitting 4% in 2018 (below full employment)
  • Credit union cost of funds will rise with Fed funds rate
  • CD and MMA interest rates poised to rise in 2018
  • Rising inflation expectations and real interest rates will push the 10-year Treasury to 2.5% by year end 2017
  • Home sales will accelerate to 5.5 million in 2018
  • Rising interest rates will increase value of dollar

Tom Slefinger, Balance Sheet Solutions

Takeaway Value: Why has income growth slowed?

Tom explained the reasons for the slow pace is due to the “big four.”

  1. 1. Debt and deficits
    a. We are addicted to debt with higher debt ratios equaling lower growth
  2. Demographics
    a. Americans aged 60+ to increase by 62% by 2030
  3. Wealth inequality
    a. Eight men own as much wealth as half the world.
  4. Declining productivity
    a. Productivity is the lowest in 37 years.

Dueling Market Views
With Steven and Tom; moderated by Tim Bruculere, Alloya’s Senior Vice President, Membership

With plenty of audience participation, both Steven Rick and Tom Slefinger often found themselves on opposite sides of a variety of topics including employment and housing; and occasionally, they found some middle ground.

September 5-7, 2018  |  Westin River North - Chicago, IL