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How can membership advance your financial literacy
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Education for Credit Unions

Commitment to Credit Union Education
Being a member of Alloya has its educational advantages. Through aggregation, Alloya is able to hire investment, payment and technology professionals that many credit unions would not be able to justify hiring individually. Alloya, in turn, makes those professionals available to credit unions by sponsoring webinars and other educational opportunities, and some of those offerings provide CPE credits.

In addition to market and industry webinars, product/service webinars are routinely provided, keeping members up-to-date on the functionality of tools that are used at credit unions every day, including ACH, domestic and international wires, Premier View, our single point of access and settlement channel, and much more.

Participation in Alloya’s educational events results in service that does not stop with education alone. Our professionals also help members comply with the latest guidance and rule changes from regulators and we also provide a weekly economic report (Weekly Relative Value), through our wholly-owned CUSO, Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC, providing timely and balanced insight into the financial markets and factors that influence them.

For more information on our educational opportunities and appearances, please click on the following links:


Calculating $5,150 in Annual Education Savings
Educational Offering Average Cost Member Fee
200 Webinars $50.00 (x200 = $10,000) $0
10 Regional Roundtable Events $150.00* $0
If only one staff member at your credit union attended half of our eductional webinars, your credit union would have saved $5,000 - plus the cost of one regional event, for a total savings of $5,150
*Does not include the cost of lodging and transportation

Calculating the Value of Education and Access to Experts

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