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How can Alloya members receive lower prices on products?

think Alloya first

The Power of Aggregation

As an active participant of the cooperative, member credit unions can keep their cost down.

The purchasing power that 1,600 member credit unions wield allows for more product and service opportunities – at lower prices. And as the usage of service grows, the product selection will be enhanced while pricing continues to be favorable for members.

How can members influence pricing? We understand the value behind exploring all of the options. Finding the best value and putting your members first is a philosophy that drives a credit union; it’s also the philosophy that drives Alloya.

Every dollar spent at Alloya strengthens the cooperative. New product development increases - ultimately strenthening the retained earnings that cushion your member capital. Think Alloya first when looking at new products, and by choosing Alloya, you will have direct influence on the affordability of products

You may have already seen the think Alloya first logo (located at the top of this page) on a variety of emails that have been sent to your credit union. This logo provides a simple visual reminder to help members keep Alloya in the mix when exploring new products. As with any cooperative, involvement from members through the power of aggregation propels the business forward. When you see the think Alloya first logo, it’s our deliberate attempt to remind you that your corporate can help deliver innovative products and measurable results.

Calculating the Value of Thinking Alloya First

1,600+ Members

Value of Scale and Outstanding Service


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