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One Stop Account Management

Premier View

About Premier View

Premier View is Alloya’s online account management tool for members. It offers secure, single-point access to a spectrum of Alloya’s aggregated services. Members login to manage accounts, order currency delivery, perform ACH and wire transactions, make checking adjustments and research, view images, etc. Premier View represents considerable value in terms of additional security, cost savings and staff efficiencies.

In terms of cost savings, compare Alloya’s members-only technology to the Federal Reserve Bank’s Premier View-equivalent platform. The Fed charges up to $700 per month for access to their system (for production and back-up services). They charge this fee even though their technology does not offer the breadth of services available through Alloya. Plus, by centralizing services and streamlining tasks, we aim to free up the equivalent of one-quarter of one of your credit union employees (a potential savings of $12,000).

Credit unions are able to focus on their priorities, while Alloya maintains the technology. Without Premier View, credit unions would need to establish multiple vendor relationships, maintain several financial accounts, and administer complex procedures including user access, security enhancements and segregation of duties.

Members are able to manage and track all of their accounts, including the Daily Account Suite (Transaction Account, Overnight Account) and the Excess Balance Account. 

Calculating the Value

1/4 of one full-time employee 
at $50,000 salary =

Annual Return on Value

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