All Products at a Glance

Membership in Alloya enables credit unions to leverage the collective power of aggregation to obtain dependable, cost-effective solutions. These programs have been developed cooperatively within the credit union system or in partnership with trusted providers.


bulletBrokered Certificates*
bulletCorporate Certificates, short-term – please inquire
bulletCommunity Investment Fund
bulletInvestment Advisory Services*
bulletMarketable Securites*
bulletSecurities Safekeeping
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spacer All Other Markets 


Information Technology Services

bulletEmail System
bulletBCP/Disaster Recovery
bulletManaged Technology
bulletOffsite Technology
bulletAlways-On Virtual Desktop

Check Processing

bulletAnti-Fraud Service
bulletCheck Collection, including Branch Image Capture (VIP)
bulletCheckMate (Michigan)
bulletRemote Deposit Capture Products
bulletShare Draft Processing
spacer Images Direct
spacer Member Share Draft Processing (Michigan)
spacer Corporate Share Draft Processing (Michigan)


Correspondent Services

bulletAutomated Clearing House (ACH)
spacer ACH Receipt (Michigan) 
bulletCash Services
bulletForeign Currency
bulletFunds Transfer – domestic, international
bulletMember Bill Pay
bulletSecurities Safekeeping
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bulletLoans, Lines of Credit, Letters of Credit
bulletStudent Loan Program
bulletDiscount Window Service


For Your Business Members

bulletBusiness Services

Online Account Management

bulletPremier View
bulletDaily Account Suite – Settlement, Overnight Accounts
Excess Balance Account


bulletPrescription Discount Program

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* Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered broker-dealer and investment advisor and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).